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Where is Peace?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

We all have blind spots. From those blind spots, we create the reality we exist in.

So we collectively keep creating a reality and results that none of us want.

When we want peace, we start fighting for what we believe is right.

We can't be peaceful when we insult someone. Even if this someone deserves it in our eyes.

We can't bring peace and beauty into this world, we can't create something new by using means of the past. We can't bring peace by fighting. The goal, the final creation always gets compromised by the means we are using to create.

Peace always starts within us. Peace starts within me addressing what I can't see. Peace starts with accepting the war within me.

We all have blind spots. Otto Scharmer, professor at MIT and co-creator of the Theory U Framework, asks us to look towards what we can't see. Did we cause this war? Do we have a role to play in it? What have we done or not done to contribute to it? As a human being? As a country? As a society?

Where is Russia's blindspot? Where is Ukraine's blind spot? Where is Europe's blind spot? Where is yours?

Join us for a free meditation for global peace at the Impact Hub in Zürich on Monday 14.03.2022 17:00.

We become peace. We embody peace. We are peace.

For Ukraine. For Russia. For Europe. For You. For Me. For Each and Everyone. No Exception.

Song of the whales

The whales are crying

Old fears

Old songs

Tears for the fallen

Wet children eyes

A war

Old sorrow

And yet still fresh

Was it yesterday?

Is it today?

We are hurting

Each other

Without wanting

And yet…

What is this space

opening within?

A space of freedom

A space of unity

I feel I can’t close it

It can’t stop growing

The whales are singing

songs of unity

How can we stay

The song?

How can we weep

Without the crying?

We are the quiet

Within the storm

The world keeps


The whales keep


Who am I now?

What will I do?

We are the ones

How will we

Birth the New?

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