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Rainbow Tribe

immersive camp for families in nature


We are inviting you.  We have heard the longing. And we have heard the calling.  A longing to answer the deeper calling -  one of belonging - to a greater family.  We are all children of the Earth. And with our unique qualities and gifts, we together form the resonating rainbow.  

Everything is connected, and Nature is calling us home.  

Can you hear the call too?  


That is why we created the Rainbow Tribe camp for families. 


We step out of our everyday lives and roles as grandparents, uncles, aunts, parents, and kids to listen and connect to the Nature we are and to move, eat and create as equal spirits of the Earth.  To connect to the elements once again and leave behind what is ready to be shed. Empowered again, we can move into the new with a renewed sense of vision.  It is time we re-member how to co-create as a tribe, honoring the gifts all bring to the greater whole.  


Be warmly welcomed to join, calling in and reconnecting to that sacred flow of life force and beauty that holds us and runs through all endlessly

We sleep together in a tipi or in separate tents. We cook nourishing food over the fire.  We move, we dance, we sing, we play, we co-create, we dream.  We listen to the sounds of the drum and the sounds of our voices. We notice how they resonate and play with the silence and the music from fire, water, wind, and earth. We are re-setting and learning to stand our ground, adults as well as children. We experience life within and beyond the family circle, creating deep connections within our Rainbow Tribe.

We sleep nestled between two forests, with a beautiful view of the Glarus and Central Swiss Alps, right next to the crystal and medicinal herb garden.

The camp is bilingual: English and German.


Every member of the family is invited to grow and contribute to the tribe. Some will be cooks, some will be fire tenders, some will be singers of the songs of the earth, and everyone from youngest to oldest will have a part to play.  


We are being called. It is time to remember and hear the singing of all life in harmony. 

We have been disconnected from our source, spirit, soil, and song for so long. From ourselves, our ancestors, and our children. It is time to remember, relight and relive our deep connections with all life.



Day 1

15:00-17:30 Arrival

18:00-18:30 Opening ceremony

18:30-20:00 Dinner

20:00-21:00 Ancient story telling

Day 3

08:00-10:00 Breakfast

10:00-12:00 Family circle - what is needed today?

12:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 Playful learning - voice opening

16:00-18:00 Creative doing - we work on crafting an object

18:00-20:00 Dinner

20:30-21:00 Singing

Day 2

08:00-10:00 Breakfast

10:00-12:00 Family circle - Family symbol and ritual

12:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 Playful learning - Playfight 

16:00-18:00 Dance your totem animal

18:00-20:00 Dinner

20:30-21:00 Dream travel with the drum

Day 4

08:00-10:00 Breakfast

10:00-12:00 Family circle - In harmony with nature and all elements

12:00-13:00 Small lunch

13:00-14:00 Closing ceremony

14:00-15:00 Departure

Our camps range from 2 to 5 days. The above program is detailed for a stay of 4 days.

Our program is subject to spontaneous changes depending on what is beneficial for all during the camp.


We are located in Bubikon 

We are sleeping on the grounds of a Demeter farm in Bubikon, nestled between the two cantonal nature reserves Lützelsee and Drumlinlandschaft in the beautiful Zurich Oberland. The tipi has a 9 m diameter, with a fireplace and wood chip floor.  


You can also set up your own small tent for an additional 40.- CHF per family. 

There is a toilet and running cold water but no possibility to take a shower. 


The address is Brachstrasse 12, CH-8608 Bubikon ZH. The tipi site is easily accessible by train S5 / S15 and a quarter-hour walk or by bike or car. We can also organize a shuttle to the train station. Parking spaces are limited.

What to bring?

Please bring your own sleeping mat, sleeping bag, lamp, dish, cutlery, glass and anything you need to feel warm and comfortable outdoors


Bring a meal to share for the first night's buffet and some snacks (no refined sugar) if you are hungry between meals.

What we provide

We provide woodwater, pans, 3 meals on full days, 2 meals on the last day, and anything necessary for the workshops.

Our food is local, seasonal, biological, and vegan.

Impressions from our last camp


“When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow."

Hopi Prophecy

Prices and Dates
Early bird prices are available up to 6 weeks prior to the event. 
We are looking for a cook and a man to co-create with and have
a helper ticket to give away - please let us know if you are interested.


09.05 - 12.05.2024



The team

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Anouk Sunneschii

I have been a joyful part of the Rainbow Tribe team since Fall 23 because for me it is about coming home to the community and finding more of myself. My time at the camp reminds me of the simplicity of life. That we nourish and heal ourselves by being together. With sounds, movement and play, we find our way back to our true primal nature. Mother Earth reminds us. 
I love to enrich
the camp with my wild imagination, which takes the children into mythical worlds with dragons, fairies and dwarves.
I also enjoy playing with each other, the children and the adults, to remind us of the pure essence within us. 

I originally trained as a childcare specialist and today I have a strong vision of creating spaces for individual soul development for children and adults. 

Privately and professionally, you can find me doing Ecstatic Dance, my great passion, which has shaped me a lot in my development. I love being in nature and connecting with its forces.  It makes me feel alive and I wish that for all of us!


Benno Funky Kitchen

Growing up in a small settlement surrounded by the calmness and beauty of a Central European forest, my heart was always closely connected to our mother Gaia and it's wonders of life. 


Life brought me away from there and I gradually adopted a more conventional, scientific way of thinking which resulted in an education in engineering and computer sciences. 


In recent years I grew unhappy with this way of living and sensed an ever-growing emptiness in my soul. I rediscovered the magic of being closely connected to nature and conscious of all the living beings around me. 


Now I'm learning to flow with the stream of life, enjoying the magic of letting it's path unfold and reveal itself without over-thinking it. One of my passions is to make people feel good, to heal and nurture them in all ways possible. I love to prepare healthy and clean food and sharing it with my fellow humans makes my heart glow with happiness.


Alexandra Choutko

coach, teach and heal using elements from science, business, painting, movement, sounds and  indigenous wisdom. I  am the mother of four children, three of whom still walk this earth.  l spent many years living in the material world, studying, making a phd, working on my career, as I was told this was what you ought to do in life to be happy and and integrated into society. At the same time raising my children who range from 5 to 17 years old. After many years running in the hamster will, I broke free, quit my job and discovered an amazing world and was lucky to be guided by shamans and wisdom keepers from around the world. 

My heart beats for our world, our children, our companies, our society, our future.  I believe we can dream our world into being by starting with asking ourselves 
"What if everything was possible?  What would I create?  How would I like to work? to Live? And where do I start?"

Variations in the team as well as aditional instructors participations are possible.

The rainbow tribe camp is planned to take place at least once a year.

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Rainbow Tribe

+41 78 695 77 00

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