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Theory (YO)U | A management approach that has the potential to change our world

When the term "Theory You" crossed my path for the first time, the name made me very curious, "Theory You" ....

It turns out that "Theory You", is actually called "Theory U" and that "U" represents a process of personal and project change. The Wikipedia page description didn't inform me enough, and I curiously decided to take this course originally developed at the MIT.

Some time has passed since then - but the course changed me fundamentally - I simply live, feel and act differently today. The "Theory U" content is surprising in its theoretical simplicity and in bringing something obvious and yet invisible into the light and thus expandanding our awareness of something previously unseen, yet sensed.

The "Theory U" content and exercises have an amazingly deep impact, especially when they are tried and applied consistently.

"Theory U" is a method that is for everyone who wants to deal with themselves and their interactions with the environment - especially in the business world. The concept is suitable for anyone who feels the gap between themselves and something bigger like work, economy, ecology, politics.... and wants to to work on reducing that gap.

Starting in February, I'll be leading a "Theory U" reflection and coaching group - if you'd like to know more, contact me .

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