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A wind of change...

is blowing through our hearts, societies, companies, and ways of thinking.

From a global perspective, we can see that the models and constructs within which we are living, the models of business, economics, and society are cracking and problems are coming to the surface that we will need to solve.

To site two examples the seas are running out of fish in less than 20 years and the climate change is knocking on our door, asking us to change our eternal economic growth paradigm and become again part of an integrated earth ecosystem.

Something new wants to be born.

Einstein said that a problem will not be solved within the constraints of the thinking that created that problem. Ken Wilber, transpersonal psychology, and integral theory co-founder states that whenever you have a structure, model, or organization created in a society or in nature, this more complex structure arose or was created to solve the problems of the past and that with every new structure we create we will solve those past problems, but also new problems will emerge that can only be solved through more holistic structures.

We can see that change is needed, but we can also feel that change is needed.

Our hearts are longing for more, for bigger, for more connection, for meaning, for the same what we have gained at the material level to be gained at the spiritual level too.

Our time calls for a rethinking, for creative approaches, for critical thinking that enables us to question all ideas and constructs that we live and work in.

Companies are feeling this change too. Frameworks like Scrum in IT that enable agility and empowerment of employees, or new forms of organizations like holacracy, the teal, and spotify models are spreading in companies. Research and books emerge, which are developed for the management of current changes and challenges like theory U from Otto Scharmer and the MIT, reinventing organizations from Frederic Laloux, or social lab revolutions from Zaid Hassan, to name a few.

New forms of thinking and doing and being are booming. A wind of change is blowing through our hearts and minds. Anything that does not stand any longer, anything that we are not willing to live anymore, is easily stripped away. Let's embrace this wind and let it blow away anything that is outdated today and face the beautiful emptiness this creates within us. An emptiness that if endured, entails the seeds for everything we ever wanted.

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