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Systemic constellations: from dysfunction to high performance in a team

Interpersonal dynamics can challenge the peace in which we wish to do our work.

How do you feel about conflicts at work? How do you feel about conflicts at all?

Confronting problems and issues quickly belongs to the dynamics of a high-performance team (see Lensioni, 5 dysfunctions of a team).

We can only truly become committed to a common group or team goal when we

  • Have enough trust in ourselves and the group system,

  • Say what we think and feel,

  • Dare to call on others when they are not fully engaged.

But how do we get there?

When we are part of a system (for example a family, a business, or a team), it can be difficult to view the whole system from a neutral 360° perspective.

The "systemic constellation" method enables us to step into the shoes of others and understand what is happening in the system from a multitude of perspectives.

In Theory U, with a method called 4D modeling (a type of systemic constellation), we tap into the wisdom of our bodies and our collective group, to understand and transform a complex system.

Want to know more?

In a free community session at Meaning Quotient - MQ Learning , I will be focusing on how to use systemic constellations for difficult team dynamics at work.

Inscribe here or contact me for a free call. Please also leave your Feedback on this post.

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