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Breath your spark into your new Project or Business

Dare something new, open up and allow support - Eliminate inhibiting fears and old-established belief patterns that prevent you from shining and stand in your way. Get clarity on your deep motivation, necessary prioritizations and dormant power within you. So that you live the right thing with your work.


What is the program for?

Strengthen yourself, feel your heart's desire for your project or business and anchor your vision within yourself.


Who is the program for?

Anyone who is starting an important project or thinking about starting a business is in the process of starting over or is stuck with what they are doing as an entrepreneur.


What can you expect?

In several sessions, we will move forward together. Using a variety of exercises, we will build on the insights and experiences gained through conversations, thought experiments, guided mediation, and shamanistic rituals.


Why should you try this program?

In our fast-paced meritocracy, there is little room for the self. Together we want to give you the space you deserve to face your hidden intentions, feelings and also shadows. In an atmosphere full of trust and understanding, the hidden becomes visible, the overheard becomes audible and the forgotten becomes discoverable. Free yourself consciously and draw deep strength and understanding for your further entrepreneurial path. Align your personal intentions with your overall goal.


Online or in Zürich City

How much?

99.- CHF per Workshop half-day

388.- CHF for the whole course

How often?

4  half days 13:00 - 17:00 CET on Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday, depending on participants' schedule


The new course starts in September. Write me an e-mail or subscribe

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"I could experience the workshop with Alexandra. In a total of four sessions, we got to know each other, exchanged ideas, and built trust. I myself am building a social startup but was in a deeper crisis of purpose at the beginning of the workshop. It's not that I don't love our project, but the constant fluctuations in motivation, along with the isolated Corona time took quite a toll on my initial enthusiasm. I felt like I wasn't really making progress, but was treading water and slowly losing it.

I myself already have some experience with mediation, yoga, and self-care techniques. When I stumbled across Alexandra's offer, it immediately aroused my curiosity. Motivational and business coaching is a dime a dozen, but this combination of mindfulness, mediation exercises, and shared reflection sounded like a sustainable, deeper methodology to me. Since I like to try something new, I had to follow their approach.


It was definitely worth it!


For one thing, Alexandra helped me see again why I started this project in the first place, what developments I have already mastered, and what fulfillment this work gives me. On the other hand, Alexandra has strengthened my connection to myself through accompanied mediation exercises and shamanistic rituals. Together with the exercises she gave me, which I could do on my own between the workshops, I felt my own development and grounding growing. One result of the workshops is that I have identified a symbol for myself with which I have connected my heart's desires and which accompanies me in everyday life.


I am enormously grateful and happy that I was able to get to know Alexandra and that she helped me to see, approach, and overcome my personal challenges in my own project differently. I highly recommend this workshop for all entrepreneurs and project initiators. Dare to try something new and put yourself in the competent, trustworthy hands of Alexandra!


Thank you for everything!"


Christian, 28, from Zurich

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